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Hydrorep Eco

Hydrorep Eco

Creates a water-repellent barrier without altering the material’s natural finish. Guards the surface against algae, mold, and efflorescence. Prevents wear caused by weather damage. Protects while preserving at least 90% surface breathability.

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Hydrorep Eco 5 Liter (1.3 GL) Not Available in California
Hydrorep Eco 5 Liter Case, 4 (1.3 GL) Not Available in California

Product Details

  • What it is for
  • • Protects exterior pavings from water and humidity
    • Makes walls and claddings waterrepellent.
    • Ideal for brick veneers and concrete.
    • Protects grout joints.
    • Protects from wear caused by atmospheric agents.

  • Surfaces
  • Unpolished Natural Stone, Terracotta, Quarry Tile, Exposed Brick, Plaster, and Concrete.

  • Coverage

  • With one liter (1.06 quart)      
    Natural Stone, Bricks   107 - 215 sf
    Concrete   86 - 107 sf
  • Advantages

    • Is not affected by residual humidity: can be applied 24-48 hours after

    • initial cleaning, significantly reducing application time.

    • Blocks the growth of algae in accordance with UNI EN ISO 846: 1999 standards.

    • Does not alter the frost resistance of terracotta.

    • Ideal for the protection of exterior surfaces.

    • UV resistant.

  • How it is used
  • Do not dilute: Ready to use.


    On a clean, dry surface apply an even, generous coat of HYDROREP ECO with a brush or airless sprayer. Apply the product until the surface is fully saturated. Before the product dries completely, pat dry with a clean cloth to remove any residue. The surface is dry to the touch after just 4 hours. Should stubborn residue remain, wait for the product to dry and remove using a white pad and FILAPS87 diluted 1:10. Application with airless sprayer: Do not inhale fumes and use only in well-ventilated areas. Refer to the safety information sheet for the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

    Caution: Before application, test HYDROREP ECO on a small, inconspicuous area of the surface or loose sample to check for any changes in color. Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in the forecast. If it starts raining during the application, stop and cover the treatment area immediately. Avoid surface pooling. Do not apply on areas with surface moisture or exposed to direct sunlight. The product is effective after 24 hours and reaches maximum protection 10 days after application.

    Storage temperature: between 41°F and 86°F (5°C and 30°C). Must be applied at temperatures between 50°F and 86°F (10°C and 30°C).

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