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GROUND SHIPPING ONLY A highly-penetrating sealer that repels water on Natural Stone, Concrete, Stucco, Bricks, Grout joints and Terrazzo surfaces, Fila Hydrorep protects exterior paving and wall claddings from the effects of water, humidity, and atmospheric elements. Additionally, it prevents moss and mold formation as well as efflorescence. Fila Hydrorep is a long-lasting sealer which won’t alter surface appearance and allows the material to breathe naturally. Due to its high-penetration capacity it will not yellow no matter the environmental conditions or how long ago the product was applied. Fila Hydrorep is certified as suitable for use on food-contact surfaces. 

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Product Name Price Qty
Hydrorep 1 Liter (1.06 QT)
Hydrorep 1 Liter Case, 6 (1.06 QT)

Product Details

  • What it is for
  • • Protects exterior pavings from water and humidity
    • Makes walls and claddings waterrepellent.
    • Ideal for brick veneers and concrete.
    • Protects grout joints.
    • Protects from wear caused by atmospheric agents.

  • Surfaces
  • Unpolished Natural Stone and Agglomerates, Concrete
  • Coverage

  • With one liter (1.06 quart)      
    Natural Stone   215 sf
    Concrete   54 - 107 sf
  • Advantages
  • • Gives a long-lasting, renewable protection that allows the material to breathe.
    • Does not alter the appearance of the surface.
    • Does not yellow despite environmental conditions or ageing.
    • High penetration capacity.
    • High coverage.
    • Prevents formation of moss and mold.
    • Certified as suitable for use on food contact surfaces.
    • Prevents efflorescence.

  • How it is used
  • Do not dilute: Ready to use.


    Apply an even, generous coat onto a perfectly clean and dry surface with brush or roller. On vertical surfaces, the airless spray method is recommended. Apply until no more product can be absorbed. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, a second coat may be required, after 24 hours. On low-absorbency natural stone (such as slate) apply one coat. For concrete or more porous natural stone two coats are needed. On exterior surfaces where oil-repellence is also required, apply a finishing coat of FILA FOB after 24 hours.


    diluted solution of FILA CLEANER


    When protecting low porosity natural stone, spot test the product in advance on a small trial surface to check for colour changes Don’t apply the product if there is any risk of rain within 8 hours.

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