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Fila Refresh

Fila Refresh

Dual Action 2 in 1: cleaner plus anti-stain protection for natural stone or ceramic countertops

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Fila Refresh 24 OZ (710 ml)
Fila Refresh 24 OZ Case, 6 (710 ml)

Product Details

  • What it is for
  • • Cleans natural stone surfaces pre-treated with water-repellent protectors.
    • Renews and maintains anti-stain protection over time.
    • Ideal for routine care of kitchen and bathroom tops, tables, window sills, etc.
    • It can also be used on absorbent ceramic tops pre-treated with water-repellent protectors.
    • Also indicated for marble-resin and quartz-resin.

  • Surfaces
  • Treated Polished Natural Stone, Treated Unpolished Natural Stone, Treated Absorbent Ceramic
  • Advantages
  • • When used daily it cleans the surfaces and reinforces the anti-stain protective treatment.
    • Neutral product, ideal also for the most delicate natural stone surfaces.
    • Easy to use.
    • No rinsing required.
    • Quick drying.
    • Pleasant fragrance.
    • Certified for contact with foodstuffs.

  • How it is used
  • No dilution: ready for use.


    Spray FILAREFRESH onto the surface and wipe with a soft dry cloth, rubbing the surface until it is completely dry. Do not rinse.

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