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Fila PS87 GEL

Fila PS87 GEL

Heavy duty stain remover and Epoxy grout haze remover. Cleans old stubborn residues

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Fila PS87 Gel 1 QT (946 ml)
Fila PS87 Gel 1 QT Case, 5 (1 QT)

Product Details

  • What it is for

    • Effectively removes epoxy grout haze.

    • Ideal for non-absorbent materials such as porcelain, glazed ceramic
      tiles and glass mosaics.

    • Heavy Duty alkaline cleaner for organic stains: grease, wine,
      stubborn dirt...

  • Surfaces
  • Porcelain Stoneware, Glazed Ceramic Tiles, Glass Mosaics
  • Coverage

  • With 1 QT - (0.95 L(1.06 quart)   100 sf

    Coverage rates are indicative and per coat.

  • Advantages

    • The gel consistency makes it easy to apply even to vertical surfaces.

    • Highly effective on even old, stubborn residues.

    • Does not harm surfaces.

    • Water based cleaner.

    • Easy to apply.

    • Pleasant almond fragrance.

  • How it is used
  • Ready to use: no dilution necessary


    Wait at least 24 hours after grouting before cleaning with FILAPS87
    GEL. Shake well before use. Apply directly to the surface using a
    large flat paintbrush, making sure to cover all residues of epoxy grout
    or organic stains, especially if on vertical areas. Let sit for 30 minutes.
    Scrub with an abrasive pad; if necessary use a spatula to remove more
    stubborn residues. A scrubbing machine equipped with the appropriate
    pad can be used for a large floor area. Rinse thoroughly. For more
    stubborn residues, repeat the same procedure, leaving the product to sit
    longer. Warning: before use, always test on a small area of the surface
    to check the resistance of the material and work out ideal dwell times for
    best results. Do not use on absorbent materials (natural stones), wood,
    or plastic surfaces. Storage temperature: between 41°F and 86 °F
    (5° C and 30° C). Must be applied to material at temperatures between
    41°F and 86 °F (5° C and 30° C).

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