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fila no drops

Fila No Drops

No Drops Anti-Water Drop Protective Detergent. Spray Detergent for cleaning glass, perfect for showers. Water mark repellent protective detergent. Cleans and protects glass surfaces making them hydrophobic, the water runs off without leaving lime-scale residues. Ideal for shower stalls.

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Fila No Drops 500 ml (16.9 OZ)
Fila No Drops 500 ml Case, 12 (16.9 OZ)

Product Details

  • What it is for
  • • It cleans and protects glass surfaces, making them hydrophilic* so that water droplets slide off without leaving residues.
    • Ideal for shower stalls.

    * A hydrophilic surface is similar in its make up to that of water molecules.

  • Surfaces
  • Showers, Glass, Glass Mosaic, Glazed Ceramic, Mirrors

  • Advantages
  • • Easy to apply, does not require rinsing, it leaves no streaks, eco-friendly.
    • Can be used for routine maintenance of bathroom fixtures, steel elements and plexiglass.
    • Non-acid formula which makes it suitable on or close to acid-sensitive materials.
    • If used regularly, no other anti-lime-scale products are required.
    • Pleasant fragrance.

  • How it is used
  • No dilution: ready for use.


    Spray FILA NO DROPS from a distance of about 20-30 cm (8-10 inches) keeping the bottle upright. Wipe with paper towel or a soft dry cloth to spread the product evenly. Leave to dry. The shower can be used immediately.

    For best results we recommend regular use of the FILA NO DROPS.

    If the surface being treated already has limescale residues, we strongly recommend cleaning it first with FILA VIA BAGNO anti-limescale before using FILA NO DROPS.

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