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Fila No Paint Star

Fila No Paint Star

Sealer Stripper and Paint Remover. Also removes Graffiti from treated and untreated walls, especially useful on rough or porous surfaces.

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Product Name Price Qty
Fila No Paint Star 1 Liter (1.06 QT)
Fila No Paint Star 1 Liter Case, 12 (1.06 QT)

Product Details

  • What it is for

    • Strips stone sealers

    • Removes paint and graffiti from treated and untreated surfaces.

    • Deep cleans and dissolves grease.

    • Eliminates grime and dirt on exterior surfaces.

    • Highly effective on rough and porous materials such as concrete, brick veneer, and natural stone.

    • Removes film and old paint layers from terracotta.

  • Surfaces
  • Terracotta, Quarry Tiles, Porcelain Stoneware, Unpolished Marble and Agglomerates, Glazed Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, Walls,
  • Coverage
  • 1 Liter (1.06 QT): 53 sq ft 

  • Advantages
  • • Easy to use.
    • Ready to use: no dilution required.
    • No corrosive.

  • How it is used
  • Do not dilute: Ready to use.


    1. Spread directly on the wall with a flat brush or using the airless method.

    2. Leave to act for a minimum of 5 minutes.

    3. Rub with scrubbing pad.

    4. Rinse. For the best results, use a water-jet cleaner.

    Repeat application and rinsing if necessary (e.g. on porous surfaces such as brick veneers, natural stone, etc.).

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