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Fila Kristall Plus

  • fila kristall plus

Fila Kristall Plus

Crystalizes and restores the original shine to polished or glossy natural stone floors.

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Fila Kristall Plus 1 Liter (1.06 QT)
Fila Kristall Plus 1 Liter Case, 6 (1.06 QT)

Product Details

  • What it is for
  • • Professional product which restores sheen to worn surfaces.
    • Ideal for crystallizing natural polished limestone (marble, travertine) and polished agglomerates (Palladio, grit, Venetian).

  • Surfaces
  • Polished Marble and Agglomerates
    Natural Polished Limestone

  • Coverage

  • With one liter (1.06 quart)   538 sf
  • Advantages
  • • Rapidly restores the natural sheen to materials.
    • Easy to apply and maintain.
    • Keeps the surface shiny while making it resistant to wear.
    • Anti-slip polishing.
    • Increases traffic resistance. Worn material easily and quickly regains over 90% of its original shine (mean value obtained with lab testing)

  • How it is used
  • No dilution: ready for use.


    To ensure perfect crystallization, clean the floor and remove any wax residues before applying.

    1. Wash the floor using the FILAPS87 dewaxing, degreasing detergent. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry.

    2. Once the surface is clean and dry, spray a small amount of FILAKRISTALL PLUS over a limited area (around 2 sf). Immediately work the product evenly over the surface using a single-disc machine fitted with a white disc (recommended speed 150 rpm). As soon as the disc encounters resistance, replace it with a stainless steel wool disc and continue for a few minutes until the polished effect is achieved (recommended speed 400 rpm).
    Repeat the procedure for the remaining sections of the surface to be treated.

    3. Remove the steel wool fibres by wiping the surface with a microfibre or soft cotton cloth.

    4. Repeat the above procedures until you reach the required level of sheen.

    5. When completed, dry-polish using a single-disc machine fitted with a soft white microfibre disc or a white disc and a dusting cloth.


    Avoid leaving water to stand on the floor or allowing the product to drip from the container. Do not use on non-limestone surfaces such as granite, quartzite or sandstone in general.

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