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Fila Fob

Fila Fob

GROUND SHIPPING ONLY Penetrating stain protection for porous material indoor or outdoor.

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Product Name Price Qty
Fila Fob 1 Quart (946 ml)
Fila Fob 1 Quart Case, 5 (946 ml)
Fila Fob 5 Liter Case, 4 (1.3 GL) NOT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA

Product Details

  • What it is for

    • Stain protection agent for internal and external surfaces.

    • Protective base coat for waxed internal surfaces with rustic or rough finishes.

    • For Porous unpolished stone, concrete, terracotta and quarry tile

  • Surfaces
  • Terracotta, Quarry Tiles, Unpolished Marble and Agglomerates, Concrete
  • Coverage

  • With 1 QT - (0.95 Lt)
    Terracota (Tuscan, Rustic, Polished)   161 - 215 sf
    Handmade Terracota (Hollow Tile, Brick, Spanish)   54 - 108 sf
    Natural Stone   108 - 215 sf
  • Advantages
  • • Does not alter original colour and appearance.
    • No film forming.
    • Does not alter terracotta frost resistance: tested by the Bologna Ceramic Centre.
    • Certified as suitable for use on food contact surfaces.
    • Excellent for sanded rustic terracotta and tumbled marble.

  • How it is used
  • Do not dilute: Ready to use.


    For treatment of exterior pavings: a first coat of HyDROREP (for natural stone) or FILA ES82 (for terracotta) is suggested as a primer to a dry and clean paving. The following day, brush on an even, continuous coat of FILA FOB.

    For indoor use, apply FILA FOB with a large brush. The following day the treatment can be completed with one or two coats of the most suitable FILA wax (FILAMATT, FILA SATIN, FILA CLASSIC).


    diluted solution of FILA CLEANER

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