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About Us

SealersRus is one of the leading distributors of Fila products in United States. Our headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California. SealersRus company is affiliated with Madani Stones, Inc., a distributor of architectural natural stone products. Having been in the stone business for several years Madani Stones realized the high demand for quality surface treatments specially for natural stone. They have used Fila products in many of their projects. With great results from the Fila products Madani Stones became more and more confident that there is no other products as quality, easy to use, and long-lasting as Fila products. Madani Stones has since become a consumer and distributor of Fila products and with the launch of “Fila Green Action” products they are proud to contribute to a cleaner environment without compromising quality.

Fila has about seventy years history in the field of surface protection with the highest quality standards for research, development, production and in-depth knowledge of materials. Fila has made a commitment to a contribution of over 10% of its revenues in Research. These values have made Fila a leader in protection and care of surfaces in natural stone, porcelain, terracotta and wood.

Fila has been endorsed by near 200 leading manufacturers of floors and wall coverings. Big name brands rely on Fila to care for and maintain their most beautiful surfaces, confirming their high quality value.